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custom printed umbrella wholesale for company

Welcome to the Custom Umbrella Store!
Umbrellas are perfect for year-round promotions and events, and with our large choice of colors and styles, it’s easy to find the ideal umbrella to complement your company logo or event theme. Custom umbrellas are so much more than a gift – they create live walking billboards featuring your company logo! People truly appreciate receiving umbrellas, and every time it rains your logo will be seen running through the streets promoting your business in style!

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Based on the search results provided, here’s a comprehensive overview of custom printed umbrellas available wholesale for companies:

Top Suppliers and Options

  1. Totally Promotional
    • Price range: $5-$15 per umbrella
    • Customization: Screen printing for one-color designs, four-color process for full-color designs
    • Options: Golf umbrellas, inverted umbrellas, automatic umbrellas
    • Minimum order: Not specified, but likely bulk orders
  2. The Umbrella Workshop
    • Specializes in premium quality branded umbrellas
    • Minimum order: 50 pieces
    • Delivery: As quick as 2 weeks
    • Features: 2-year warranty, international shipping available
    • Customization: Internal prints, Pantone-matching, customized handles
  3. CanvasChamp
    • Offers custom photo umbrellas and logo umbrellas
    • Fast shipping: Within 24 hours
    • Payment option: “Buy Now, Pay Later” available
    • Design tool: Easy-to-use online design tool for customization
  4. Custom Umbrella Store
    • Wide variety of styles: Mini, vented, folding, golf, clear & safety, auto-open, manual, inversion, patio
    • Lowest price found: $4.94 for Mini 42″ Manual Open Budget Folding Telescopic Umbrella (minimum order: 50)
    • Bulk ordering available online

Key Considerations for Companies

  1. Customization Options
    • Logo placement
    • Full-color printing vs. single-color designs
    • Panel customization (single panel or all-over prints)
    • Handle and frame customization
  2. Umbrella Types
    • Golf umbrellas for larger coverage
    • Compact/folding umbrellas for portability
    • Automatic vs. manual opening mechanisms
    • Specialized options like vented or inverted designs
  3. Quality and Durability
    • Material quality (e.g., polyester, pongee fabric)
    • Frame construction (e.g., fiberglass for wind resistance)
    • Warranty offerings
  4. Minimum Order Quantities
    • Ranges from 24 to 100+ depending on the supplier and model
  5. Pricing
    • Bulk discounts often available
    • Price ranges from about $5 to $15 per unit for most options
  6. Production and Delivery Times
    • Some suppliers offer quick turnaround (24 hours to 2 weeks)
    • Consider lead times for large or complex orders
  7. Environmental Considerations
    • Some suppliers offer eco-friendly options (e.g., recycled materials)
  8. Additional Services
    • Design assistance
    • Storage and distribution services (e.g., The Umbrella Workshop)

Benefits for Companies

  1. Effective promotional tool with high visibility
  2. Practical and appreciated gift for clients, employees, or event attendees
  3. Long-lasting advertising medium
  4. Suitable for various industries and events (corporate gifts, golf tournaments, outdoor events)

When selecting a supplier and umbrella type, companies should consider their budget, intended use, target audience, and desired brand image. It’s advisable to request samples or proofs before placing large orders to ensure quality and accurate representation of the company logo or design.

Design Custom Umbrellas with your Logo for your Promotional Event
Custom umbrellas in all styles, colors, and sizes. From cute personalized folding umbrellas that can easily fit in your purse, or imprinted automatic open/close umbrellas, to large and sturdy golf umbrellas, we have them all! Every single umbrella can be imprinted with your logo, text, artwork, or design. Buy top quality promotional umbrellas with us at cheap wholesale prices in bulk today. Most of our wholesale umbrellas are printed and shipped out from within the USA!

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